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Matchday 6 Preview – After falling to Terminus on the road, ATLetic travels to ASP to face Bafana


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After a successful Perrin Cup round 1  with a victory over D1 side KLS Silverbacks, ATLetic were back on action last weekend, this time on league play facing perennial rivals Terminus FC at their North Atlanta HS ground. A brad new turf football field with countless lines and an intricate and complicated  marking pattern for at least 5 different sports was the prelude for what would also be a complicated game for ATLetic.  The game started off the wrong foot for ATLetic, conceding a goal on the first 5 minutes. ATLetic created chances including a notable strike from Mika Turner that the Terminus keeper pushed over the upper 90. More bad luck blunted ATLetic’s comeback as keeper Scott Stillwell was forced to leave the game   injured in the 30′. Chasing a ball, a Terminus forward charged towards the ball – and the keeper –  with a very high kick in the box. Stillwell was not deterred and palmed the ball away but the high cleats caught him on his side leaving the keeper unable to continue. A yellow card was promptly shown to the Terminus man for the challenge but ATLetic was the team that really paid the price, seeing their keeper helped off the field. With subs exhausted for the half, skipper Felipe Lobelo had to go on goal and ATLetic forced to play down a man for the remaining of the half. Terminus smelling blood kept pressing and found a second goal right before the half.

For the second half ATLetic regrouped and controlled more of the ball on the middle creating a few chances. However the game pretty much ended very quickly into the second half. A foul close to the box led to a Terminus free kick that went over the wall and hit a jumping Afolabi. The referee ruled it a handball and PK – probably the correct call by the book but one that is rarely called given the proximity of the ball – ATLetic were left hoping to get a similar call later in the season by a different referee and having to face a PK. The terminus man dispatched it trough the middle for the 3-0 effectively killing the game. A final push for a goal left ATLetic vulnerable in the back and Termins made them pay with the final goal of the day.  The experience left the ATLetic  players with a sour taste on a day were the football gods were unkind and their own game did not help their cause.

This Sunday ATLetic is looking to regain upward momentum and improve their position in the league table traveling to anotehr turf field – this time at least designed for Soccer play – at the ATlanta Silverbacks Park Renegades field at 11 am , home this year for the Bafana Club.

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